Welcome to Ardsley

A gracious reminder of a privileged past


Rising above trendy downtown Troy in a relaxed, walkable suburban area near RPI, Historic Ardsley Apartment Residence Boutique is considered a striking example of the city’s rebirth. It originally was an opulent private estate. With unique contours and touches, its award-winning suites are a distinctive showcase in Capital Region apartment living. We normally develop and upgrade a limited number of select spaces in order to accommodate the discerning renter with an excellent situation when available. The average resident stay at this venerable landmark property is 3-5 years. Ardsley is celebrated as a welcome alternative to cookie-cutter apartments where all spaces are often the very same-absent charm, elegance and character. 

Its central location affords an especially favorable apartment option for those with interests in Albany and other key regional destinations. We invite you to explore the myriad benefits of residency. Pressed for time? Begin here.  

“People should never have to live in a box.” 
-The Ardsley Developer