About Ardsley


Ardsley’s amenities are usually found in finer homes.

Ardsley’s amenities are usually found in finer homes.

As an apartment residence, ARDSLEY answers a need for exceptional living spaces with integrity intact. Because the building core dates from the late 19th century, it was painstakingly retrofit with retained old world charm. Its character, tranquility and secure construction are notable.

Special attention was given to every detail: designer kitchens-an absolute star.  A welcoming entrance with a handsome, polished brass-railed canopy; brick sidewalks laid the old-fashioned way; crown mouldings; pristine wood floors; ceramic tile throughout-even in the beautiful and immaculate private Ardsley laundry center equipped with highly-efficient European Design commercial equipment made to outwork and outproduce in-unit washer-dryers which have a higher incidence rate.  We are small-pet friendly. Our residents expect pets to be much like themselves-friendly, quiet and well-behaved.

Insulated and soundboard, Ardsley has attracted a discerning clientele from far and wide; Drawn by its distinctive character, uniqueness and proximity,  Ardsley is a mainstay for RPI faculty and others connected to the sprawling campus. Because it was from its creation TOBACCO-FREE, along with centrally-sourced DUST-FREE Steam Heat, allergy sufferers find the environment a particular blessing. The problem with forced air systems-commonly in apartments today-is that they circulate heat by blowing air around. This carries all airborne allergens and contaminants along with the air. In sum, Historic Ardsley fills a valuable niche in Capital Region apartment life.

“I would like to thank you for providing me with a beautiful, well-kept home for the past few years.” RPI professor summer, 2019